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Artist Statement

Why I work the way I do:


My work is a reflection of my life’s philosophy and, though it may seem odd to say, mathematics. Mathematics and Art are not, however, as dissimilar as you might think, at least not in this case. A mathematician starts with essentially nothing, then adds, subtracts, multiplies, etcetera to eventually reach a sum or outcome. So it is with my art. I begin with nothing, do a little math, and end up with art. Allow me to explain.


I Add:

Any day I do not add to my work and my life is a wasted day. The constant search for ways to add to both brings me joy I can only express as art. This philosophy allows me to become a better person, a better artist, every day. In this, the line between art and life begins to blur and melt, until it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. My deepest desire, my chosen purpose, is to be a plus in the world. I add what seems to me aesthetically and experientially pleasing, and become a little more each day. So does my art.


I Subtract:

As I grow and mature, both in life and my art, I have learned to subtract what and who doesn’t work. Negative and chaos, by their very nature, have no value, so I waste no time pursuing them and reject their damaging influence. This attitude and philosophy refines me as a person, helps me grow, inspires my creativity, and drives me to greater heights in life and my art. We all have access to a delete button in our lives. When negative stands in my way or tries to slow me down, I have no problem pushing it.

Acrylic Artist Jacki Rosen



I Multiply:

My first experience with art was, to say the least, fulfilling. More than that, it bordered on surreal. In that moment, my paradigm shifted and what was fell away. I recreate that experience, that adventure, by producing the art I love over and over. The interesting thing is the repetition never gets old; it multiplies. Each experience is new and multiplies the whole, providing a mental and spiritual escape from the chaos that surrounds us all. The work fulfills me in ways nothing else, however multiplied, can. It makes me smile.

Why I choose my materials:

The materials I use enhance the layered characteristics of my work. I use acrylics, charcoal, inks, oils, pastels, and the myriad of mediums available today, of course. What differentiates my art from other artists’ work are the unusual additions I introduce to the work to provide a much more tactile experience. The tools I use add to this aspect of the art as well. I most enjoy using common household items, clearly designed for other purposes, as well as traditional brushes in every conceivable bristle. This creative process thrills and excites beyond my ability to express in words. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, the whole experience thrills me. I wish I could explain it better, but I’ll let my art do that.


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Jacki’s work is absolutely gorgeous.
We were looking for our first painting and found a beautiful colorful vibrant abstract perfect for us.
Not only is the work amazing but Jacki was kind enough to bring over several works to see what works best fit our home.
Incredible art. First class service.
Support local artists!

I am obsessed with this artist. We just moved into our new penthouse apt and needed some fresh artwork.  I met Jacki At a FortLauderdale Gallery exhibit and fell in love with her pallet and fresh style of painting. I ended up purchasing 3 large pieces which are a welcomed addition to our family. Who knew you could also take classes on painting. A total win. Thanks Jacki

Laurie Phoenix Niewidok

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